iDrink is born from the desire to create functional products that allow to produce a reduced environmental impact and enable their users to lower the use of disposable products.

Our mission? Combine functionality with a fun and colorful experience, with products always new and fresh, sensitive to the needs of people and the environment.


IDrink’s goal is to accustom people to use reusable products instead of single-use items, because they are more convenient and more satisfying to use.

The iDrink brand was created by Total Juggling Srl, a Venetian company that looking towards the future, understood the need to produce articles to help to improve the quality of life of individuals in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Discussion of the Idea

Our creative process starts with a team briefing, we are always looking for new trends.

Sketch idea

Sketching offers the freedom to explore alternative ideas and development of the concept.

Sample print for quality verification

We want to be sure that the printing of our bottles will be the best quality. That's why we make several samples till it's perfect.

Ready to change the world!

Our final product is ready to be used and reused.

4 Reasons to Carry a Reusable iDrink product
  • Reduce waste from single-use plastic products
  • Reusable products are better for your health
  • Save money on water and drinks while out
  • Choose the products that best fits your needs


Our team brings a wealth of experience from different fields, combining all individual skills in one great project.